Friday, 13 December 2013

To Hell And Back (Zombie Apocalypse Series, Book 2)


The man she once hated, has been absent for over a month. Left responsible to run the hotel with Bethany and Gordon while the zombies still rule the Earth, the missing Lucian isn't her only problem. Her health begins declining for reasons unknown to anyone and her sleep is filled with nightmares of Lucian being locked up and tortured. Determined to get to him she leaves the hotel alone with only one plan. Save Lucian. Taylor Mckenzie must walk into the very depths of hell to get to him, but no one just walks straight into Lucifer's domain and back out without their being consequences.
New allies will join them, the worst enemy you can imagine will try to claim her and someone she loves will be used to send her straight into a trap. No one ever said an apocalypse would be easy to live in, but the things Taylor must face takes difficult to a whole different level. 

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